Winter Skincare Survival Guide: 7 Ways To Protect Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Dry, cold weather can wreak havoc on the skin, especially that of your infant. Luckily, there are simple ways to protect your child’s tender skin throughout the winter months.

winter baby skincare

Between the wind and cold and lack of moisture in the air, winter can dry out baby’s delicate skin. These simple actions will help protect your child’s skin when it’s cold and snowy outside.


1. Moisturize

Keep your little one’s skin sufficiently moisturized to prevent dry, flaky skin and eczema. Apply a small amount of lotion to dry patches or ointments to cracked, dry lips. 


Because infants tend to drool, their chins and other affected areas can become irritated. Dab breastmilk, protective balm like Kiss Kiss Goodnight’s Peace of Mind Balm, Erbaviva’s Organic Baby Lip and Cheek Balm or Gryp & Ivyrose’s Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm to affected areas.


2. Protect from the sun’s glare

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should put away the sunblock. In fact, the reflection of the sun off the snow can expose skin to damaging UV rays and can even cause sunburn. Apply baby-safe sunscreen like Erbaviva’s Organic Baby Sunscreen to protect exposed areas, especially on sunny, snowy days.


3. Turn down the heat

When it’s cold outside, what do we do? Turn up the heat indoors. However, central heat is very drying, affecting skin and sinuses and nasal passages. Instead of turning the heat way up, keep your home at a slightly cooler temperature and layer up a bit more instead. 


Add a vaporizer or humidifier to supplement the air’s lack of moisture like Objecto’s H3 Hybrid Humidifier. Not only will your baby breathe better, their skin will remain more supple and healthy.


4. Hydrate

In addition to moisturizing from the outside, keep your tot’s skin healthy through ample hydration. Make sure your little one is nourished with adequate breastmilk or formula (if under six months old), and plenty of water, if they’re no longer nursing. Healthy fats like those found in avocados and salmon also help keep skin moisturized and reduce inflammation.


5. Avoid overbathing

While bath time is soothing and relaxing, infants don’t typically need to be bathed more than three times a week, as it can actually dry out your baby’s skin. A 15-minute soak in lukewarm water is plenty. Use a cleanser that’s soap- and fragrance–free, like Wash With Water’s Shampoo Bubble Bath Gift Set, which is specially formulated for baby’s skin. 


Gently pat (rather than rub) your child’s skin after bath time, then seal in moisture with cream. Even better, give your little one a gentle massage with infant-safe oil like BEB Organic’s Nurturing Oil, which not only helps relax the mind and body, it also strengthens the parent-child bond. Plus, it leaves your child’s skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished.


6. Guard against rashes

Between drooly chins and wet bums, too much moisture causes rashes and skin irritations. When this happens, you’ll need a balm that creates a protective barrier, like Mini Bloom’s Toot Toot Balm or The Organic Pharmacy’s Nappy Balm for diaper rash and Green + Lovely’s Nature’s Herbal Calendula Salve with healing calendula for everything for dry skin, rashes, and even eczema and minor scrapes.


7. Layer up

Infants aren’t yet able to regulate their temperature, so it’s important to keep them comfortable — neither too hot nor too cold — during the winter months. If they are too heavily swaddled, you’ll notice irritation around the folds of their skin, leading to heat rash and/or diaper rash. 


Dressing your child in layers makes it easy to add or subtract clothes, especially as you venture outside, then indoors, then outside again, or if the weather suddenly changes (which it often does this time of year).


If a skin condition persists, contact your child’s pediatrician immediately. Oftentimes it can be remedied easily, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and treat it early.