Tot Craft Corner: Easter Egg Cards

Niccola Drake of Arts & Crafts blog, An Idea on a Tuesday creates cute and colorful egg cards for Easter


These simple little Easter cards are perfect for children to make and give to friends and family at Easter, or they can be used to create an adorable Easter display.



1: Cut out egg shapes from the white cardboard. (I usually get scrap cardboard first and make my templates. I do this by folding the scrap cardboard in half, drawing the egg shape and then cut it out. I then lay the egg down and trace around it on my good cardboard.)



2: This is when the fun begins! Your Tot will love decorating the eggs with Kitpas Coloring Blocks. The crayons are so smooth and easy to draw with and can be used to create many different effects.


3: Once the eggs are decorated, your Tot can paint with water to create a beautiful water colour effect.


4: When the eggs are dry, glue them onto the brown cardboard backing egg. (Which should be slightly bigger than your white egg.) Using a hole punch, punch a hole on either side of the decorated eggs. Get your Tot to thread the string, ribbon or raffia through the two holes and tie a bow at the front.


5: Write your special Easter message on the back or attach to the front with a cute little peg.


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