The Tot Craft Corner: Jar of Kisses Mother’s Day Card

Moms love kisses and we can’t think of a better way to say “I love you” on Mother’s Day, than with a jar of kisses made with love. 


This Jar of Kisses craft activity not only helps your little one develop important fine motor skills, but children absolutely LOVE sticking anything to clear adhesive book covering! It looks impressive but is actually very easy to make.


  • Cardboard for hearts
  • A4 card for jar
  • Scissors
  • Clear adhesive book covering – cut to A4 size 
  • Kitpas Crayons
  • Black marker
  • Optional… string and tape for a little gift tag



1. Gather your materials. You can use any cardboard you have, but I like using pretty colors for Moms.


2. Cut out a variety of hearts. They can be any color or size. Don’t worry if they are a bit wonky, this adds to the appeal! (I always make a few templates at the start by folding my cardboard in half and cutting out both sides of the heart at once. Then I use these to cut around.) You need enough hearts to fill your jar. Older children can cut out their own hearts.


3. Show your little one how to draw a cross to represent a kiss and practice on some paper. Using the Kitpas crayons, draw kisses on each heart. These are lovely crayons as they are safe for children to use and are so smooth and easy to draw with. Just perfect for doing a pre-writing activity such as this!


4. To make your jar, fold your A4 piece of cardboard in half and cut a rectangle out of the middle.


5. Roughly draw a lid and outline the rectangle to define the shape of the jar.


6. Peel the A4 piece of clear adhesive book covering and stick to the FRONT of the jar.


7. Turn over and let your child stick the hearts to the clear adhesive film. Lots of sticking fun, but no messy glue! And a beautiful end result!


8. You can attach a little Mother’s Day tag with some string and tape, and give to someone you love.