The Tot Craft Corner: Hand drawn china for Father’s Day

Creative Consultant and writer of Little Kin Journal, Katherine Houe Maric, shares a genius idea for an easy and out-of-the-box Father’s Day craft idea that won’t clutter the craft box

Photo by Kathrine Houe Maric

In our house we love to do all kinds of crafts, for all kinds of reasons. As entertainment on a rainy Sunday, as a way of developing fine motor skills and to celebrate holidays and special occasions. As a result, I end up with stacks and stacks of artworks and though I always keep the best, saying goodbye to anything that my daughters have created always breaks my heart but keeping it all just doesn’t align with our minimal living ways.

That’s why lately I’ve tried to focus on temporary craft projects that won’t last longer than the next cleaning or rainy day and for this the Kitpas Crayons are pretty amazing.

This Father’s Day we are planning to surprise my husband with a breakfast table decorated with hand painted china and my daughters are already very excited by the thought of getting to transform our minimalistic white china into a more fun and colorful version.

Painting on china might sound like a messy process, but when using these colors it really isn’t. The Kitpas colors will draw on any kind of glass or china just like you would normally draw on a piece of paper and after the celebration, the colors come off easily when being washed either in the dishwasher or by hand.


  • Any kind of white china
  • Kitpas Crayons
  • Dad’s favorite breakfast food
  • Baby wipes or a damp cloth to correct mistakes



1. Start out by making sure all your china is washed and dried. The colors won’t stick if the china is wet. Gather all materials, and let your child decide on a theme. We went for flowers and some cute text, but it really could be anything from football to graffiti. If you want, you can let your child do a theme-based sketch on a piece of paper before starting to draw on the actual china. This will help reduce the number of corrections you’ll have to do later.

Choose a color scheme or let your child mix and match just like she prefers. I like my breakfast table to look nice and calm, so we decided to stick to only a few different colors. This will make the final expression less chaotic but maybe not as fun as if you decide to go ahead and mix all of the colors.


2. Now it’s time to start decoration the actual china. While the colors are totally safe for children to use, you don’t want them to touch your food. Make sure to instruct your child in only drawing on areas where no food will be touching. Leave the middle of the plate and the top of the cup free of any color and focus on the outside of a bowl or the edge of the dish instead. Start out by letting you child use one color at the time. This will help them avoid having the colors mix together too much. Also, be sure to leave a little space between each color as they very easily smudge together.

It’s almost impossible to avoid making mistakes and the easiest way of getting rid of these is by using a baby wipe. Fold the baby wipe into a pointy peak. This will make it easier for you to only remove parts of the color. Should you not have any baby wipes on hand, a damp cloth or a tissue will work as well. After removing any color, make sure the area is totally dry before trying to draw on the area again. The color will not stick to wet china and if the crayon itself gets wet, it can be hard to use.


3. If your child has already learn to write, let him or her finish of the china with a nice poem or some sweet words. We went for the classic Best Dad Ever.


4. Now the only thing left before starting the actual celebration is to set the table. Again, make sure the color doesn’t touch the food but don’t be afraid if you get it on fingers as it wipes of easily. Cleaning the painted china is really easy. To be on the safe side, I wipe off all color with a baby wipe, before putting it in the dishwasher.


5. As this is a temporary craft and you might want to be able to remember this cute Father’s Day table later, make sure to take loads of pictures.

Happy Father’s Day!