The Tot Craft Corner: Father’s Day Card

All parents love receiving hand made gifts from their children and a gift of a lovely drawing will be particularly cherished.

Photo by Niccola Drake

This Father’s Day craft can be given to Dad as a special present or as a card and it couldn’t be cuter!  Dad can hang it somewhere special as a reminder of how much he is loved.

Materials Needed



1. Gather your materials. Cut out two rectangles – one out of black cardboard and one of brown cardboard.


2. Get your little one to draw a picture of their Dad on the brown card. You can help your child by prompting them with suggestions. For example, ‘What about Dad’s hair, or Dad’s beard?’


3. Put the drawing of ‘Dad’ aside and take out the black cardboard. Using the Kitpas crayons, encourage your child to draw patterns like spots, stripes, hearts or little faces over the black card, ensuring they cover the edges of the card. These crayons are lovely to use as they are so smooth and easy to draw with and are safe for children to use.


4. Once decorated, cut a frame out of the black card – I made my frame approximately 1.18 inches, but you can make it any size you want!


5. Glue the drawing to the back of the frame. Write a personal message to Dad on the back of the frame and don’t forget the date.


Add a little bit of string so Dad can hang it up somewhere special. Give your Father’s Day gift, made with love to your Dad and I’m sure he will love it!