The Tot Craft Corner: 3 easy Halloween face paints for busy parents

Craft master Kat Houe Maric of Little Kin Journal, shares three Halloween face paints that are short on time but high on impact!

Mexican skull face paint

If you’ve been through your first after-work-halloween celebration, you probably already know how stressfull it can be to try and get your kids into their costumes, figure out how to do an easy face paint while trying to talk the kids into eating five bites of a sandwich and still have them ready and out the door before all the candy has been snatched up by the other neighborhood kids and their well-prepared parents.

But actually, face paint doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming as long as you know where to start and what to focus on. And, if you use the Natural Earth Face paint you have the added bonus of knowing that you won’t be putting something toxic on your child’s precious skin! 

Here are 3 easy face paints for Halloween; one spooky, one pretty and one really fearsome (but cute!). 

Tips for a successful face paint

  • Face paint is best applied on clean and dry skin. If you’re nervous about rashes, make sure to use a natural paint free from toxic ingredients.
  • To achieve a deeper color, allow the first coat to dry and then apply a second coat.
  • Apply lighter colors first and allow the first color to dry before applying the next.
  • Using the right tools make a big difference. A small sponge is best for coloring in bigger areas while thin brushes works best for lines and dots.
  • Always keep hair away from the face using a hairband.
  • Be sure to clean brushes and sponges before changing colors.
  • When painting, rest one hand on the head of the model to keep their head steady.

The cute tiger

This little tiger will make most kids jump of joy, and it can easily be turned into a lion by leaving out the stripes.

how to face paint tiger

1. Start out by coloring in the white eyes and white part around the mouth with a sponge. Use enough paint to cover the skin, but don’t worry if it looks uneven. A second layer of white paint can always be applied later.

How to tiger face paint

2. Next up, continue by coloring the whole face orange, still using the sponge. Be sure to make a clean outline and try and avoid getting the white and orange colors mixed up.

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Tiger face paint step by step

3. Change to a semi-wide brush and paint in the eyebrows, lips and nose with black. Using a small brush, create the whiskers and the stripes around the whole face. Finish up by painting the middle of the lower lip red.

how to tiger face paint

The scary skeleton

Inspired by the sugar skull from the Mexican tradition Dia de los Muertos, this skeleton face paint looks more complicated than it really is.

Mexican skull face paint

1. Begin by painting the whole face white with a sponge, leaving the eyes and mouth areas naked.

Mexican skeleton face paint

2. With a wide brush, paint black circles around both eyes, color them in, and then add little black dots all around the black circles.

Mexican skeleton face paint

3. With a semi-wide brush, paint the nose and lips black. Change to a small brush and add the lines on the nose and the cheeks, making sure the white is dry before to avoid the white and black to mix.

Mexican day of the dead face paint

4. Continue with the small brush and add a little red half circle around every small black dot around the eyes and finish up with a red flower on the chin.

Mexican skull face paint demo


The Pretty Butterfly

For those little ones who prefer to look pretty rather than scary, a simple butterfly face paint will go a long way.

Butterfly face paint how to

1. Start out by coloring first the yellow and then the red parts of the wings with a sponge, allowing each wing to cover an eye. 

Butterfly face paint demo

butterfly face paint how to

how to face paint butterfly

2. Then, using a wide brush, let the colors mix to create a more dreamy and romantic look.

butterfly face paint

3. Using a smaller brush, paint in the body of the butterfly. Don’t be afraid of a looser and more creative approach to this, as it will only add to the romantic feel of the butterfly face paint.Continue by making a black outline around each wing, leaving the part towards the nose undone.

Butterfly face paint

4. Add as many black details as you wish. You can either leave the black details as visible lines or you can choose to mix them into your other colors to create more of a shadow and shape. Finish off with a few white dots on top of the black outline and your child is ready to fly.

butterfly face painting

butterfly face paint how to