The Tot 10: Our Bestselling Wooden Toys Of 2021

From climbing and balancing to building and gardening, our bestselling wooden toys keep tots busy indoors and out!

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Eco-friendly, long-lasting and eye-pleasing, well-crafted wooden toys are built for keeps — inspiring delight from one child to the next, and generations to come. Here are your favorites of the year, all lovingly crafted from sustainably-sourced wood and non-toxic paints, with versatile designs that promote creativity, curiosity and hours of open-ended play:


Scroll down to explore our bestselling wooden toys of 2021:

#1. Wobbel The Original

This toy rocks! And rolls, and wobbles, and transforms into a bridge, a fort, a slide and more all while helping to build strength, balance and inspire creativity.


Wobble Baby Mouse Gray

Wobbel The Original






#2. Bajo Baby Walker

Toddlers love pushing this architect-designed walker around as they grow increasingly steady on their feet, then continue to play with it as a wagon, complete with one-bar abacus, removable tray and adjustable handles.


Bajo Baby Walker

Bajo Baby Walker






#3. Explore Nook Wooden Waterways Starter Family Set

Ready, set, wet! Spark curiosity and experimentation with rustic wooden channels, blocks and a funnel that encourage kids to go with the flow.


Wooden Water Ways – Starter Family Set

Explore Nook Wooden Waterways






#4. Moon Picnic My Calendar

Give children a hands-on opportunity to explore days of the week, months, weather, seasons and special events with this magnetic wooden puzzle.


Moon Picnic My Calendar

Moon Picnic My Calendar






#5. Wiwiurka Wooden Balance Beam

Designed to promote agility, balance and confidence, this balance beam keeps bodies moving and creativity churning with 4 beams and 5 connectors that form a variety of shapes and patterns.


Wiwiurka Wooden Balance Beam

Wiwiurka Wooden Balance Beam






#6. Tender Leaf Toys Mountain View Train Set

A train conductor’s dream come true, this amazing wooden set promotes endless hours of imaginative play with its spectacular array of trains, buildings, landscapes, 58 track pieces and more!


Tender Leaf Toys Mountain View Train Set






#7. Guidecraft Outdoor Wooden Hollow Blocks

Bring the whole gang together to build a castle, a fort, a hideout or lemonade stand with hollow wooden blocks that are big enough for building and the perfect weight for kids to lift and transport.


Guidecraft Outdoor Hollow Blocks

Guidecraft Outdoor Wooden Bricks






#8. Moon Picnic My Weather Station

Kids love exploring the weather with this interactive wooden station, empowering them to turn the day into a sunny one or create a strong breeze with the turn of a dial.


Moon Picnic My Weather Station Toy

Moon Picnic My Weather Station






#9. Tender Leaf Toys Garden Wheelbarrow Set

The perfect toy for budding gardeners, this charming wheelbarrow includes a trio of seed packets and planted pots, all crafted from renewable rubber wood with non-toxic, water-based paint.


Tender Leaf Garden Wheelbarrow Set

Tender Leaf Toys Garden Wheelbarrow Set






#10. Wiwiurka Foldable With Rock Climbing Board

Perfect for burning off excess energy while developing hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and balance, this foldable wooden triangle includes a rock climbing board for even more active fun.


Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle With Rock Climbing Board

Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle With Rock Climbing Board


$585 – $610

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