Our Favorite Tech-Free Toys: The Tot Gift Guide

Even with all their flashy lights, sounds and colors, tech toys can’t replicate the pure joy and wonder of those that promote active learning and discovery. Explore our wide selection of non-tech toys just in time for the holidays.

Feat_tech free toys

Smart phones, tablets, computers are all part of life nowadays, even for young children, and tech toys are more popular than ever. These cutting-edge toys are often engaging, entertaining and even educational. But all too often they promote social isolation, passive learning and endless hours of sitting and staring at an eye-straining screen.


The benefits of tech-free toys

Non-tech toys spark the imagination, ignite creativity, and get little bodies moving. They encourage verbal expression and emotional connection. Plus, they naturally lead to immersive experiences, expanding children’s awareness of all five senses.


Blocks, shape sorters and nesting cups, for example, help toddlers learn shapes and colors and the concept of balance — along with patience — as they try again and again to sort, build and stack. Arts and crafts activities promote fine motor coordination and introduce children to the tactile experience of working with different materials and the magic of creating something with their very own hands! Figurines, dolls and costumes encourage open-ended, pretend play, while building toys enhance develop visual and organizational skills. 

Not only do tech-free toys allow children to actively lead the way, they also encourage them to experience the world in real-time, interact socially, and inhabit their surroundings rather than escape into a virtual world. In other words, they make ideal holiday gifts — promoting togetherness and connection — which is, after all, what makes this season so special.

Check out our wide range of non-tech toys below and enjoy a very merry, playful holiday together!