O.B. Designs: The Brand Making Hard-To-Find Non-Toxic Stuffed Animals

Thanks to Australia’s O.B. Designs, you can now find stuffed animals that are ethically manufactured, non-toxic and ultra-snuggly to boot!


Buttery-soft plushies are all too often made with chemicals and other toxic materials, making it hard to find stuffed animals that are as safe as they are cuddly. Enter O.B. Designs, a brand founded by Kate Nicolson and Leesa Hallahan in Byron Bay, Australia in 2008. Irresistably soft and snuggly, their colorful stuffed animals are artisanally crafted, eco-friendly and ethically made. 


Safe, sustainably-sourced stuffies

O.B. Designs works with Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organizations, to ensure their toys are manufactured in fair working conditions. They use eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible, and package their products using recyclable and compostable cornstarch polybags. The materials used to sew, stuff and adorn their stuffed animals are independently tested to meet international safety standards, so parents can feel as good about these charming companions as kids do.


A company that gives back

What’s more, O.B. Designs sponsors several different children’s charities by donating both funds and products that go directly to the children. Read more about their commitment to giving on their website at www.obdesigns.com.au.