Jewelry For Mom

Whether you’re looking for something for Mother’s Day, your mom’s birthday or a gift to simply say, “hey, I love you!” these six pieces of jewelry will tick all the right boxes.


The thing we love most about jewelry is that it can be sentimental as well as stylish and functional. We love that it’s something that can be passed down from generation to generation or worn as a reminder of someone, some place or something. We also love that our some of our favorite brands are designing pieces specifically for mamas.

We know finding the right piece can be tricky. While some women like rose gold, others prefer white or yellow. Some like rings. Others like necklaces. Then there are the moms who are all about silicone and jewelry that can double as teethers and toys. (Let’s not forget about the group that likes both at once!) Luckily, we’ve got all of those bases covered.

If you’re looking for something for a new mama, we adore the Sue Gragg Personalized Diamond Necklace. Available in three colors of 18K gold, these necklaces are exclusively made for The Tot and are a gift that will be worn and cherished for centuries. Whether you want to do a new baby’s name, birthdate or city of birth – this gift provides that extra personal touch.


For over 30 years, Sue Gragg, has been a game changer in the jewelry industry with her knowledge of precious stones and ability to design custom exquisite and unique pieces for women around the world. The Sue Gragg Personalized Diamond Initial Earrings and Sue Gragg Personalized Diamond Initial Ring are two examples of how she combines luxury with love and thoughtfulness. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just because – these two pieces have that bit of extra Sue Gragg is famous for.



On the other end of the spectrum, we know mamas (and babies) are all about the teething necklaces these days. While some miss the mark on style, others are truly works of art and totally on trend. Our favorite brand is Loulou Lollipop. Made of USDA organic wood and FDA food-approved silicone, these necklaces are quirky, cute, and totally safe and fun to chew on. Let’s be honest – trying to wear a diamond necklace with a curious 8-month-old is no easy feat! However, Loulou Lollipop’s range is virtually indestructible and designed for today’s fashionista moms. We offer three versions that would fit anyone’s personal style.


The Loulou Lollipop Organic Wood and Silicone Teething Necklace is crafted from 100% FDA food grade silicone and American maple hardwood with a quick release clasp, making it non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe. It is boho-chic and something that could be worn all summer long.



Loulou Lollipop’s Teething Necklace comes in two different colors (white and two-tone) and is a piece your mom will wear long after the days of teething. Again, all Loulou Lollipop pieces are 100% non-toxic and totally safe for baby.


For something with a bit more color and funk, the Loulou Lollipop Teething Necklace – Beads is the perfect gift. With edgy geometric shapes and colors, this is the ultimate statement piece. (It also works wonders on sore gums!)


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