From Nursery To Big Kid Room: What To Keep, What To Buy

Interior Stylist Magdalene Liacopoulos shares helpful advice when converting a nursery to a children’s room.

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As the saying goes,”The days are long but the years are short,” but in the instance of watching your swaddled newborn grow out of the bassinet, settle into a cot, and then all of a sudden  need a single bed – the age-old saying couldn’t be more accurate. While that jungle-themed nursery you lovingly decorated when your babe was just a bump was perfectly suited, your growing child is now forming unique interests and opinions. It’s time to start the transition from a nursery to a bona fide kid’s room. Here’s what you need to know:


What to keep


The goods news is that this time around you’re not starting from scratch. There might a few furniture pieces in the nursery that have some life in them yet! Does your crib convert into a toddler bed? If so, it’s a great way to ease into the transition of eventually moving into a twin bed. In the interim, you only need to purchase a toddler bed rail. 

If you bought drawers with a removable changing pad, then you can thank your past self for your forward thinking, because these drawers were a great investment! Simply remove the topper and your storage solution becomes a handy dresser.

I also wouldn’t be so quick to pass on the nursing chair either. A good quality nursing chair like the Nuture& glider will continue to be a valuable piece in your children’s room for cuddle and story-time. Lastly, hold onto any baskets or caddies (big and small), because I can almost guarantee that what was once used to house diapers and wipes can be re-purposed and used for a myriad of uses — from books and toys to games and stuffies.



Nurture& Glider







What to buy


If a crib conversion is not an option, then you’ll need to start shopping for a twin bed. The Oeuf Sparrow Bed with the additional universal security rail is a great choice for so many reasons. Available in both a birch or walnut finish, its clean lines and classic style will fit seamlessly with most interiors, and remain that way for years to come. If you are searching for something that has that ‘wow-factor,’ there’s no looking past the Nico & Yeye Domo Twin House Bed With RailsIt ticks the boxes for both parent and child. Your little one will be in awe of the unique hut-shaped design, and you’ll be comforted knowing that every piece has been handcrafted from solid, sustainably-sourced wood. 

You’ll definitely need new twin bedding. Coco & Wolf Twin Bedding Set will have you covered (no pun intended) with a pillowcase, fitted sheet, and duvet cover, all woven from high-quality cotton and available in variety of beautiful prints. 

Stylist Tip: Be sure to add some plush cushions to finish off the bedroom. I especially love this Cloud Cushion by Lorena Canals. Is there anything more inviting than a cloud pillow to inspire slumber? 



Oeuf Sparrow Twin Bed







Nico & Yeye Domo House Twin Bed With Rails - Walnut


Nico & Yeye Domo Twin House Bed – With Rails



$1499 – $1699




Coco & Wolf Liberty Fabric Twin Bedding Set – Theo Pink


Coco & Wolf Libery Fabric Twin Bedding Set – Theo Pink







Lorena Canals Cloud Cushion in White

Lorena Canals Cloud Cushion – White







What you need


Once the practical details like sleep and storage have been sorted, it’s time to have some fun with the décor! Start by culling all the items with a baby focus – from nursery prints to the toys your child has outgrown. Change up the look and feel of the space to reflect your child’s current needs, likes, and interests. Here are a few of my favorite children’s room additions and why I love them:

Let’s start with the Figgy Play Couch by Shenanigan Kids – a modern kid’s couch meets play set that guarantees hours of fun and unlimited play. Once playtime is over, it can be configured into a modern couch and used for rest or reading time. If it means your living room and couch stay in tact, then it’s a win for everyone! 

Another great piece for gross motor development is the Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle Rock Climbing Board. This multi-functional structure is perfect for indoor play. It promotes balancing skills and creates an exciting rock-climbing corner in your bedroom. How cool is that? 

A good-quality desk and chair will be a useful addition to your child’s room, and the new launched set from Tender Leaf Toys would be my pick. It can be used for everything from reading to arts and crafts, but it won’t be long before your little one needs a spot for homework! 


Shenanigan Kids The Figgy with Wedge - Grey


Shenanigan Kids The Figgy Play Couch With Wedge






Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle With Rock Climbing Board

Wiwiurka Foldable Triangle With Mountain Climbing Board



$520 – $545




Tender Leaf Toys Desk and Chair


Tender Leaf Toys Desk And Chair







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