5 Indoor Activities For Cozy Snow Days

Prepare for snow days with a flurry of indoor activities that keep kids busy and engaged (and not frozen to their screens all day).

Toddler standing indoors during a snow day

When I was a kid growing up in Northeast Ohio, we got a LOT of snow, sometimes all the way through April (and even once in May). On nights when the flurries were at their peak, we’d scooch up to the TV screen, hoping our school was listed among those shutting down the next day. On the rare occasions when “Beachwood schools” flashed by, it was cause for celebration. A spontaneous holiday was ours for the taking!


My siblings and I loved playing in the snow. We’d make snow angels, snowmen, have snowball fights, jump off the swings into the snowdrifts, and play with our dog, Barfie. We’d eventually return inside when we’d had enough, all of us cold, wet and hungry. After a warm bath, some hot chocolate and a pile of sandwiches, we entertain ourselves with games, crafts, reading, toys, and I’m sure far more pandemonium than my mother could tolerate (the reason she sometimes escaped to the upstairs bathroom to read). As a child, however, snow days were synonymous with freedom and FUN.


Screen-free activities for cozy snow days

While it’s tempting to let our kids zone out on screens on snow days (especially for those of us who work at home), there are plenty of things for them to do to help get their ya-yas out, explore their imaginations, express their creativity, and connect with us through activities that help break up long, winter days.


Here are 5 ways to keep your kids busy, engaged and inspired when the biting cold beckons them indoors:



Climb, dance, balance and stretch


Before they start climbing the walls, help your kids diffuse their boundless energy with structures and toys designed for indoor activity.  Wiwurka’s Foldable Climbing Triangle, inspired by the structure invented by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pickler, promotes freedom of movement while helping little ones develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility. Lily & River’s Little Gymnast low beam encourages balance and focus as kids walk, dance, twirl or tiptoe across it. Or simply turn on the music and dance! When it’s time to simmer down, pull out their very own yoga mats and stretch, meditate, relax or play Mindful & Kids Yoga Memory Card Game to practice new poses.



Create a reading nook


Reading is a great snow day activity. Not only do books take kids to places far beyond their snow-bound confines, they’re also a relaxing alternative to blue-lit screens. Getting comfy is key to reading on snow days, which means creating your own fort (think: blankets draped atop chairs, the couch or bed), piles of pillows and blankets, or a special place designated for reading, like an indoor tent or playhouse



Get crafty


Bring out the fingerpaints and playdoh, scissors, paper and whatever else inspires. Snow days are ideal for hanging out at the table and making stuff, from cutout snowflakes and cards for friends and  grandparents to miniature foods or creatures made from soft, squishy clay. Get inspired with Kid Made Modern Craft Library, which includes 1000+ crafts materials like felt, pompoms, fuzzy sticks and googly eyes, or bring out Selfie Clothing’s Color-In Top pajamas and let them make wearable art!



Bake up a storm


When you’re holed up inside, the warm smell of freshly baked treats brings smiles all-around. Plus, baking together is a great way to bond, help your child build practical skills and confidence in the kitchen. Make pancakes or French toast and enjoy breakfast for dinner or make a batch of muffins or cookies they can enjoy that day and take to school the next. Little ones love dressing the part with their own tools and aprons, like Liberty of London’s Personalized Initial Apron, which helps protect clothes from spills and stains.



Fuel the imagination


Let the cooking continue with a toy kitchen of their own, like Milton & Goose’s Essential Play Kitchen or Tender Leaf Toys’ Kitchen Range, giving them the opportunity to create endless imaginary feasts (with little mess!). Encourage open-ended play with their favorite dolls and toys, building blocks and costumes. You’ll be amazed by the creativity that pours out of children when given a little time, space, and independence — and snow days are ideal for welcoming all three — giving you a much-needed, well-deserved break, too.