10 Indoor Toys For Super Active Toddlers

Is your toddler awhirl with energy and motion? Discover 10 indoor toys designed to engage, entertain and inspire super active tots.

Feat_active toddler toys

When my son Aidan was a toddler, he was always on the go – so much so that my mom began to refer to him as “the Energizer Bunny.” Once he found his land legs, he was off! Busy, curious, and into everything, I couldn’t simply sit down and hang out with him. He wanted to explore. I soon learned there were plenty of toddlers like him. In fact, most of his peers were in perpetual motion.


Playing outside is ideal for getting ya-yas out, but sometimes that’s just not an option. Luckily, The Tot offers a range of indoor toys that will help toddlers blow off steam, test their balance and practice their coordination while safely supporting them. 


Here are 10 popular toys that engage super active toddlers while giving caretakers peace of mind (and a few precious moments to catch their breath!):


Wonder & Wise Indoor Play Gym

An active toddler’s dream come true, this indoor playground keeps little ones busy and engaged, giving them the opportunity to let off steam while climbing, swinging, sliding, balancing and even playing basketball! 


Wiwiurka Climbing Furniture Combo

Built for indoor fun, this solid wood playset combines a Pikler-inspired climbing triangle and a smaller climbing arch, giving toddlers the opportunity to practice their balance and hand-eye coordination while building confidence.


Wiwiurka Baby Tadeus

Turned one way, this cleverly designed piece is a bench table. Place it upside down and it becomes an indoor climbing dome! Crafted from FSC-certified European birch, this multi-use furnishing keeps tots busy and engaged.


Wonder & Wise Baby Activity Walker

Busy toddlers like to stay on the move, and this activity center is ideal for those transitioning from standing to walking. Interactive games engage eyes and hands, while the wheeled design welcomes plenty of action.


Bajo Baby Walker

Children build hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while zooming around with this architect-designed walker. Exceptionally sturdy, it features an abacus, removable tray and rubber tires, and easily transitions to a wagon for experienced walkers.


Bunny Hopkins Rainbow Balance Board

Use it as a slide, a hideout, a bridge or, of course, a balance board — this versatile toy offers a rainbow of possibilities. Crafted for open-ended play, it helps increase core strength, reflexes, gross motor skills and balance.


Wonder & Wise Elephant Pull Toy

Toddlers love pull toys, and this sweet mama and baby elephant are ready for a ride! After zooming around and about, the elephants can detach for creative play.


Plantoys Push & Pull Puppy

The perfect companion for your busy tot, this friendly wooden dog tilts its head and makes a delightful click-clack sound as it moves. Ethically made from organic rubberwood, it includes a removable wooden handle and sturdy rope for daily dog walks.


Olli Ella Wonder Wagon

Spark creativity and adventure with a wagon that will inspire your mobile toddler to collect, transport, and cart toys, dolls and even help with groceries! Handwoven from natural rattan with a bamboo handle, this beautifully designed piece doubles as decor when not in use.


Balu Organics Medium Velvet Ball Pit with 300 Balls

Dive right in and have a ball! Made from super cushy fabric to prevent bumps and bruises, non-toxic foam pit invites safe, playful exploration and high-octane fun. The included crush-proof balls are light and durable, and just the right size for little hands.