Toys For Mechanically Minded Kids

While many kids prefer active or artistic play, some are more ignited by toys that make them imagine, plan, problem solve and ultimately build something they can be proud of. In this article, we chat about which toys we pick for mechanically inclined kids.

mechanical toys

Unlike a lot of children (and adults) who need to thoroughly read instructions or be taught how something works, mechanically inclined kids tend to choose to use their intuition to understand a mechanism or blueprint of something. They like to stack things to create structures, take things apart and then piece them back together to understand how they work and build their confidence by knowing they helped achieve the final result of assembling a toy. They’re inquisitive, determined and share a desire to see what they’re little minds have the power to create.

Do It Yourself kits like wooden racecars and model airplanes as well as classic building blocks, train sets, and toys that require assembly and offer the ability to demonstrate cause and effect are always a good choice. Activity kit creator, Copernicus, creates incredible STEM kits for curious kids. Think robotic arms that move, catapults that can fling things across the room! Another educational toy brand we love, studio ROOF, is becoming famous worldwide for their recycled cardboard sets that let kids build dinosaurs, airplanes, unicorns and more. Printed with vegetable dye inks, they’re non-toxic and help kids from the age of three develop their fine motor skills.

Copernicus Make A Robotic Arm Kit

Studio Roof Cool Helicopter in Yellow


With computers and tablets becoming a huge part of our every day lives, it’s important for kids to learn how to code. It’s also important to limit screen time, which is why we love the Primo Toys Cubetto. Made of sturdy wood, it’s a tactile easy to use set that teaches coding without the use of a computer or tablet screen. Think of it as Coding 101.

Cubetto Coding Play Set

Another brand making waves in the tech toy scene is Tech will save usTheir award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids (and the adults that love them) to make, play, code and invent using technology. One of our best sellers, the Electro Dough Kit is a fun combo of play and learning that lets kids make play dough creations that buzz and light up. Or their genius Thirsty Plant Kit that lets kids build a solar-powered moisture sensor to tell them when their plant needs water!

A really great example of a toy for a mechanically minded kid is Lego. With many sets having hundreds of tiny pieces, mechanically minded kids magically find the patience to sit and assemble it with little help from instructions or an adult. Lego is also a versatile choice because you can build such a wide variety of structures that suit every kid’s particular interest. But let’s be honest – Lego pieces tend to migrate from room to room in your house, which is why you’ll want to grab the new Rock and Pebble Storage Bag to keep your tot’s room clean (and your bare feet safe.)

Rock & Pebble Organic Cotton House Shaped Storage Bag Medium in White & Black

Even if your child isn’t mechanically minded, the list below has toys with numerous benefits and can help your child with both their physical and cognitive development. From a rainbow block set that will strengthen fine and gross motor skills to an architectural modeling system perfect for the next Frank Lloyd Wright, these toys combine education with fun for everyone.


Toys For Mechanically Inclined Kids

Age 1 year + 


The Wooden Wagon Shape-N-Tree

The Wooden Wagon Wooden Shapes in Tree Toy 


Age 3 years +

Studio Roof Cool Classic Plane

 Studio Roof Cool Classic Plane 3D Puzzle


Bajo Athlete

Bajo Athlete Stacking Toy 

Wooden Story Natural Blocks

Wooden Story Natural Building Blocks 

Goki Rainbow Block Set 


Diggin Box Set – Airplanes

Diggin Box set Airplanes


Hape Lift & Load Mining Play Set

Hape Lift & Load Mining Play Set


The Wooden Wagon Building Slats Tower Box

Wooden Wagon Building Slats



Age 4 years +

Wise Elk Dragon’s Castle

Wise Elk Dragons Castle Brick Construction Set


Rock & Pebble H Blocks

Rock and Pebble H Blocks

Primo toys – Cubetto

Primo toys cubetto


Age 6 years +

Moulin Roty Small Tool Box Set

Moulin Roty Small Tool Box


Arckit Mini Angle

Arckit Mini Angle


Arckit A90

Arckit A90 

Age 7 years +

Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit

Tech Will Save Us Thirsty Plant Kit

Tech Will Save Us Thirsty Plant Kit