The paper dolls we wished we had as kids

Made in the USA and assembled by hand in NYC, Of Unusual Kind paper dolls are winning the hearts of kids around the world with their modern take on a classic activity. Inspired by women like Frida Kahlo, these edgy dolls will inspire hours of creative and imaginative play

Unusal paper dolls
Image by Amelia Hambrook

When Anja Kroencke’s daughter suffered a concussion and needed a technology free activity, Anja created an eclectic collection of paper dolls for her that she could spend her days decorating and dressing. Today, her little side project has evolved into Of Unusual Kind, a brand dedicated to creating and celebrating paper craft for kids.

With Anja’s own whimsically modern hand-illustrated clothing and accessories, along with other talented illustrators and artists, Of Unusual Kind has created the paper dolls, Rosemarie, Frida, Olive, and Magnolia along with other strong women your children will love getting to dress, decorate and use for self-expression.

Easy to mix and match accessories and clothing between the dolls, these paper dolls are here to encourage vivid play and fun without the use of disruptive screens. What really sets these dolls apart from the rest is that they’re each assembled with recycled, acid-free FSC certified paper with mini metal brads that allow for playful movement.

Meet Rosemarie:

Of Unusual Kind Rosemarie Paper Doll Kit



Meet Frida:

Of Unusual Kind Frida Paper Doll Kit


Meet Olive:

Of Unusual Kind Olive Paper Doll Kit


Meet Magnolia:

Of Unusual Kind Magnolia Paper Doll Kit



Image by Amelia Hambrook. See more from Amelia @amelia_hambrook