The #1 Kids Storage Bag For All Those Toys

Simple yet genius, this storage bag from Rock & Pebble will literally and figuratively save the day by housing your tot’s toys, clothes and accessories, while adding style and functionality to their room.

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When it comes to keeping a kid’s room or playroom organized, the struggle is real. Toys, like bunnies, seem to multiply at an alarming rate and can take over a room (or entire house) in a matter of minutes. While it’s nice that your kids are actually playing with their toys, it’s not so nice when you step on a wooden puzzle piece on your way to the laundry room or remove an action figure to your bottom when you sit down at the end of the day.

While we have found toy chests and shelving to be great storage options, we are blown away by Rock & Pebble’s House Storage Bag because of how versatile it is.

 Rock & Pebble Organic Cotton House Shaped Storage Bag Small in White & Black

Rock & Pebble Organic Cotton House Shaped Storage Bag Medium in White & Black

Rock & Pebble Organic Cotton House Shaped Storage Bag Large in White & Black

Available in Small, Medium and Large, it’s made in India out of 100% organic heavy weight cotton canvas and acts as a house for your tot’s belongings like clothes and toys. Sturdy enough to hold shoes, books, or sporting equipment as well, the best part is its minimalist and gender neutral design is stylish enough to sit anywhere in your house. It’s also easy to travel with. Going on vacation and need to bring a bunch of baby toys or beach towels? The Rock & Pebble House Storage Bag can do the job. Even as your kids get older, they’ll love using it for laundry or loading it up to move into their college dorm.