Nasiba’s Go-To Eco Party Favors For Kids

Mama of two and lover of all things kind to the earth, Nasiba Adilova, shares her top picks for eco-friendly (and totally awesome) party favors.


Who doesn’t love a birthday party? From playing games, to opening presents to eating cake – these joyous occasions can create lasting memories for children and help make them who they’re going to be. Celebrating with friends and family can teach kids the meaning of gratitude as well as the importance of strong relationships. It’s also a fantastic way to work on social skills, manners and have some good old-fashioned fun.

But let’s be honest – for kids – it’s all about the goodie bag. I always make sure I have party favors for guests because kids like being able to feel like they are part of the gift-giving action. It also helps lure them to the car to go home if they don’t want to leave! However, I hate favors that get played with on the car ride home and then end up in the trash and then in a landfill. (It gives me anxiety.) I also don’t think any parent appreciates their child being given even more sugar upon departure.

Personally, I like to choose items that I know kids will benefit from for an extended period of time. Whether it’s a crafting activity that’s going to encourage their creativity and fine motor skills or a dress up item that will inspire hours of make-believe, I want to know they’re made by brands that use non-toxic materials, are socially responsible, and are also eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly party favors

For babies:


Only thing better than a birthday party? Bath time! For tiny tots, I like giving Wee Gallery Color Changing Bath Books. Made of waterproof and non-toxic plastic, they feature beautiful black and white illustrations that change color in the water. They come in a variety of drawings so you can match them to your party theme accordingly.


For little crafters:

Playon Crayon Primary Colors


Keep it simple with these easy to hold Playon Crayons (you can put one crayon in each party favor bag) and this adorable recycled activity book by Wee Gallery. (PS the Playon Crayon Primary Crayons double as blocks! Bonus!)


For big crafters:

Eco-Kids Stamp Kit

Petit Collage World Travel Coloring Book

I love Eco-kids Stamp & Paint Kit and the Petit Collage World Travel Coloring Book. They both make for a fabulous weekend crafting session.

Re-usable party favor bags

Snack Pack Good Eats 2 pack

How about ditching regular gift bags for something the kids can use over and over again like one of these super cool organic Fluf snack bags! They feature a snap closure, they’re machine washable, durable and roomy, and let’s not forget, fun!