Nasiba’s 10 Busy Box Essentials

Busy Boxes are a great way to entertain and occupy your tot when a new baby arrives or you simply need a moment to rest (or think.) Mama of three, Nasiba Adilova, shares her go-to products that her kids absolutely love.

Woman with two kids playing

As the mother of three kids under five, I’m here to tell you that you’re going to want a busy box in your life. When my first child, Thomas, became a big brother to Daniel, I realized that finding a peaceful moment to breastfeed, rest or prepare food was a bit more challenging than I had first anticipated. And then baby Bella arrived!

For days I grew frustrated that my sons weren’t happy to play with the toys in their nursery anymore. With a new baby sister around, my boys had suddenly lost interest in toys and books that used to provide hours of entertainment.

Luckily, I learned about the concept of a Busy Box pretty quickly and let me tell you – they’re a lifesaver! I got a lightweight box that I can keep up hidden away and filled with special toys and crafts that I only bring out on special occasions AKA times when I truly need them to be occupied. Because Thomas is nearly five, I’ve had to swap out toys every six months or so, but they get passed onto his brother, Daniel, who is now just over two and loving exploring the world around him.

Below are a few of my favorite products for my kids’ Busy Boxes. I also sometimes just grab a toy or two out for trips to restaurants or the doctor’s office waiting rooms. By keeping these special treats out of sight, my kids don’t lose interest and are always excited to play, so this gives me some time to focus on the newest addition to our little family.

10 Busy Box Essentials:


Playon Crayon Primary Crayons


Completely non-toxic and designed to be easy to hold for little hands, Playon Crayons do double-time as stacking blocks.


Petit Collage – World Travel Coloring Book

 Petit Collage World Travel Coloring Book

With bold patterns and unique color printing, Petit Collage’s handbag-size coloring books feature a universe of signature Petit Collage illustrations. Perfectly sized for on-the-go or rainy day fun, little artists can finish their designs with their own twist of color and make generic illustrated scenes their own.


Goki Tractor with Trailer

 Goki Wooden tractor with trailer

Made of child safe materials and non-toxic finishes, the stunning Goki Tractor and Trailer has a lift up mechanism and swinging tailgate for the trailer allowing for interactive play. My boys love this piece!


Tender Leaf Toys Formula One Racing Tracks

 Tender Leaf Formula One Racing Tracks

Kids love playing with the Tender Leaf Toys Formula One Racing mat. Place the barricades, set the racing flags, and start a race! This set includes 2 colored wooden formula one cars, a finishing line, 2 racing flags and 6 barricades and a beautifully printed canvas play mat.


Papoose Felt Pizza Set


Role play toys are a fantastic way for kids to expand their vocabulary and build confidence. This set is fair trade, non-toxic and an heirloom piece even your grandkids will want to play with.


Petit Collage Magnetic Play – Funny Faces

 Petit Collage Magnetic Play Set Funny Faces

Contained in a box, this magnetic set allows kids to create crazy faces which enables them to identify different emotions and sharpen their fine motor skills. Since we fly a lot, I love bringing it to their airport with us.


Petit Collage Into Space Tin Puzzle

 Petit Collage Into Space Puzzle Tin

Another great one for travel, this puzzle in a tin helps you prevent losing pieces while bringing all the fun. Puzzle play is great for building critical thinking skills as well as fine motor skills.


Wooden Story Shape Stacker


Made of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers, the Wooden Story Shape Stacker game comes with 25 shapes to stack and arrange onto five wooden prongs. This will help your tot sharpen their hand-eye coordination and build their confidence.


My First Book of Why


The Big Book of Why invites tots to ask big questions, think big thoughts, and get answers that are accurate, engaging and level-appropriate. Kids love this highly photographic and playful, that takes them on an adventure in exploration!


Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller


I just love this incredible invention that entertains kids in a screen-free way. It contains 48 audio stories and kids can choose different elements to make up their own stories and listen to them straight away!