Spring has sprung–get outside to enjoy the rain and blossoms. Explore with your little one and learn about growing and all things spring! Here are 31 activities to shower your little sprouts with fun and knowledge.


May Activities

  1. Blow bubbles. Use action words on how to catch them such as ‘grab’, ‘snatch’, ‘cup’, ‘seize’ and ‘pinch’ etc!
  2. Draw self portraits and talk about different body parts
  3. Make a smoothie together. Each person should add their favorite fruit or veggies
  4. Listen to a new song and make up a dance routine
  5. Take turns reading. Let your little one tell the story in their own way, even if it’s just turning the pages
  6. Build something using items you already have at home like an egg carton, shoe box or milk jug.
  7. Do some finger painting and make some flowers for mom!
  8. Decorate a window using stickers
  9. Practice making faces of different emotions in the mirror
  10. Use tape to build a race car track on the floor
  11. Make a popsicle stick frame for your favorite photo for mom
  12. Play hide and seek or peek a boo
  13. Make mom breakfast in bed and snuggle
  14. Use blocks to build a tower and knock it over together!
  15. Go for a walk and find your shadow
  16. Fill a paper bag with different textures. For little ones let them feel the objects and take them out. For older ones have them guess on the contents based on what they feel.
  17. Let your child help set the table
  18. Plant a vegetable or fruit in a pot or your garden
  19. Put on your raincoats and dance in the rain and stomp in puddles!
  20. Style your child’s plate of food in a new shape like a funny face with a carrot mouth, broccoli nose and strawberry eyes
  21. Roll, kick or throw a ball
  22. Dress up and play pretend!
  23. Use technology to find animal sounds to listen to that match to figurines
  24. Let tot play with paper! Tissue paper is especially fun to crawl on, throw and tear for younger ones
  25. Go for a walk as a family and talk about what you see
  26. Use a spoon to scoop and “rescue” plastic animals out of the water (great game for the tub!)
  27. Make shapes out of pipe cleaners.
  28. Cut out a star and decorate it using glue and red, white and blue tissue paper.
  29. Go on a treasure hunt!
  30. Do a puzzle together
  31. Create a new family tradition