Early Childhood Behavior expert, Anastasia Moloney shares fun and simple ideas for an activity a day in March.


Do you ever find it difficult to come up with new fun and educational activities for your child on a daily basis? Sometimes we just need a few suggestions to help spark ideas or even better, a handy guide to follow! Here is our daily activity guide for March.

  1. Make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, decorate them and then head off on an adventure around your house or yard!
  2. Go on a treasure hunt (you can use your binoculars from yesterday to spot something precious)
  3. Do a puzzle together
  4. Go to your favorite park/playground for the morning
  5. Make a rainbow – draw and match different items (felt, beads, pom poms, stickers, sequins) on each arc of the rainbow
  6. Have some fun with shaving cream writing! Can you spell your name?
  7. Draw a picture or write a letter to someone it and mail it
  8. Read a favorite book and act it out
  9. Make faces for different emotions and feelings in the mirror together… Happy, sad, confused, hungry, angry, silly, scared, sleepy, excited….
  10. Get outside and go for a walk! See if anything has started to bloom
  11. Try some color mixing with non-toxic paints! Fill two cups with water, add a drop of one primary color to each cup. Give your child an eye dropper and let them mix the colors. See what secondary colors they can make!
  12. Make a DIY popsicle stick picture frame
  13. Go on a ‘shape walk’ (inside or outside) and identify all the shapes you can see around you
  14. Do some face painting!
  15. Take a look at your family photos and talk about what and who you see
  16. Make some green treats to enjoy together on St. Patrick’s Day!
  17. St. Patricks Day – Do some Shamrock sponge painting
  18. Learn a new rhyme, finger play or song together
  19. Plant a seed and care for it
  20. It’s the first day of spring! Draw a picture of your favorite flowers. What else can you draw that reminds you of spring?
  21. Let your child help you with a daily chore (match socks in the laundry, sort forks and spoons, give them a rag and spray bottle filled with water to clean the windows
  22. Make a play doh bunny and flowers
  23. Listen to different types of music and help your child identify the different sounds and styles
  24. Draw with chalk outside, create a ‘color hop’ by drawing different colored circles and have your child hop from one to the next
  25. Remember “play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood” Fred Rogers… So today, have fun with free play!
  26. Try a local story time!
  27. Make flowers and trees using a hand prints as the petals or the branches.
  28. Play peek-a-boo, chase or hide and seek (dependent on the age and interest of your child)
  29. Make dinner with your child! (pizza is a fun one)
  30. Learn about an animal! For little ones, practice making animal sounds. For toddlers, pick a favorite animal to talk or read about. For preschoolers, teach them about a new animal!
  31. Get messy outside – mix dirt and water to make mud pies. Toss in lots of different ingredients – sticks, stones, leaves, grass… yum!