Sun’s out! These awesome activities will keep your summer-loving little ones sizzling with excitement. What better way to spend a summer’s day than with creativity, movement, learning, literacy, and fun!


We hope you enjoy these activity ideas for June!

  1. Make a small photo album just for your child to keep so they can talk about family, friends and see photos of themselves
  2. Head outside before bed and gaze at the stars… Can you see any planets?
  3. Explore with magnets on the fridge!
  4. Build a fort and play with flashlights and shadows.
  5. Draw a picture on a chalkboard and let your child paint with water to erase it
  6. Take a visit to the library!
  7. Do some cleaning together – kids love helping! Give them a rag and spray bottle and go for it!
  8. Make a pizza as a family and let everyone put toppings on their own section
  9. Make a craft camera with this cool Camera kit, head outside and snap some pictures!
  10. Play duck duck goose
  11. Read an extra story at bedtime
  12. Use crayons to draw a picture or write a letter for someone
  13. Make sensory bottles. Fill used water bottles with rice, water and oil, glitter, hand soap, water beads or anything you can find to try out
  14. Build a block village in a different room (sometimes changing the setting allows for new creativity)
  15. Let your child play with shaving cream the bathtub – it’s a great place for this kind of activity before you run the tub (and makes for less mess!)
  16. Take a family outing visit something new!
  17. Mix up some non-toxic paint and paint rocks for Father’s day. Put a hand or foot print on it and write dad. Get it -“Dad Rocks!”
  18. Tell stories together! Retell favorite stories or make up simple one about your little one!
  19. Think of different animals and try to move like them – hop like a frog, slither like a worm, etc.
  20. Go on a hunt to find different flowers or leaves
  21. Make a treat for someone or have a pretend birthday party for their favorite stuffed animal
  22. Sort pin poms by color into cups or a cupcake tray try using kids tweezers.
  23. Play with water. Kids love pouring, dumping, splashing or spraying
  24. Make stained glass art. Cut shapes into a piece of paper and glue/tape different colored papers over the holes and tape it on the window.
  25. Sit down and write out a family rules chart together
  26. Make mud together but mixing soil and water and get into some messy sensory play!
  27. Make silly faces in the mirror together
  28. Paint with sponges! You can cut them in different shapes to make it more fun.
  29. Play with action words with a a line of tape. Get them to jump, crawl, roll, etc on the line. Make it straight, zigzag, or curvy
  30. Meet a friend for a playdate at the playground!