Bask in the glory of a beautiful summer! Hot summer days and warm nights are the perfect backdrop for delicious fruits and veggies–from your garden or the local store. Take the summer challenge and complete each of July’s hands-on activities!


Here is our list of fun things to do in July. We hope you enjoy them!

  1. Head outside and create an obstacle course by sticking tape on the ground or by using chalk to draw the lines
  2. Sit under a shady tree and read 3 favorite books
  3. Make a 4th of July treat! How about Star cookies with red, white or blue frosting!
  4. Pack a picnic together and head to your local park for lunch
  5. Bath time! Fill up a big bucket with soapy water and wash the car!
  6. Organize your child’s toys. Put some of the toys in storage bins and try rotating them every couple of weeks to keep things interesting
  7. Do something kind for someone else
  8. Make some play dough flowers
  9. Bring out some blocks and build the tallest tower you can!
  10. Make a ball drop using cardboard tubes. Tape them to the wall or a large piece of  cardboard and roll balls down them
  11. Make a weather wheel. Use a paper plate, divide it into sections and draw different types of weather on it. Make an arrow and attach it to the center of the plate with a brad (paper fastener). Each day, get your toddler to see what the weather is and they can spin the arrow to match it!
  12. Have your little one help with the laundry – they can match socks or sort things
  13. Try a new fruit or veggie!
  14. Play ‘ring around the Rosie’
  15. Tape contact paper to the wall with the sticky side facing out. Use various art supplies (colored paper, pom poms etc) or leaves/flowers collected from outside to stick on the paper
  16. Do some yoga together
  17. Have a mini art exhibition! Draw a few pictures together then display them around the house and ask your child to talk about their drawings
  18. Let your child decide an activity for the day or do their favorite thing
  19. Make some s’mores together
  20. Mail someone a letter
  21. Do a puzzle together
  22. Go to the store together, let your tot help you pick the fruits and veggies. Talk about the things that you buy and what they are for. For older children, make a list together using words or pictures
  23. Play indoor basketball with soft ball and a bucket
  24. Take pictures together of things that you see or do. Sit down and look at the photos together
  25. Read an interactive book together. An interactive book requires kids to lift flaps, press, peek, search for things or do actions like making faces etc. Some of our favorite interactive books include Press Here, Touch the brightest star, Don’t touch this book!
  26. Visit a local fire station! Contact them first to see if they will give you and your tot a tour!
  27. Talk about house rules and expectations. Ask your tot to come up with a house rule of his/ her own. Draw up a house rules chart and stick it on the fridge
  28. Have some fun! Fill a large tupperware with water and blue food coloring. Place some of your tot’s small toys in the water and freeze. Let your child use different safe tools (a spoon, kid’s hammer etc) to work at getting the items out of the ice
  29. Call or Facetime someone you love
  30. Paint outside! Let your tot splatter the paint, finger paint or foot paint! Find some old household items to paint together like a bird’s house or a shoe box!
  31. Make up some jokes and make each other laugh. Have a mini comedy show for the family and tell them your new jokes