Do you ever find it difficult to come up with new educational activities for your child on a daily basis? Sometimes we just need a few suggestions to help spark ideas or even better, a handy guide to follow!


Each month we share a daily guide for the month filled with activities you can do from home. See what new activities you can try with your tot at home!  There are some suggestions that will get you ready for spring. We hope you enjoy these activities and the quality play time with your child – Have fun!

  1. Do some fork flower painting – Put on an art smock, dip a fork into some non-toxic paint and make prints with the tines, then add green lines for stems
  2. Build a fort!
  3. Make a family picture wall! Kids love looking at themselves and learning about their family.
  4. Go to the grocery store and go on a treasure hunt to find the things you need.
  5. Make a sticker picture!
  6. Play with bubbles – This is a fun outdoor activity!
  7. Enjoy an extended time reading books today. Snuggle together and read your favorites!
  8. Build a zoo with blocks and fill it with animals!
  9. Make silly faces – use mirrors or take pictures.
  10. Plant a vegetable – although patience is required, your tot/s will love trying out something that they grew themselves!
  11. Pick your favorite tunes and throw a family dance party!
  12. Let your tot use kid-safe scissors to cut up tissue paper or paper scraps (we use junkmail). For littler ones who aren’t ready for scissors yet, paper tearing and scrunching can be fun especially if you use tissue or other crinkly papers
  13. Try kids’ yoga or mommy & me yoga together! Follow an instructional video online if you can’t find a class!
  14. Make moon sand using flour and a bit of baby oil. Explore the texture, dump and fill, try to build with it or drive cars in it!
  15. Simulate your child’s natural curiosity by asking questions and encouraging them to do the same. Why is the sky blue, why are clouds different shapes, why do cats have whiskers? etc.
  16. Take turns choosing an animal to emulate. What do they sound like and how do they move? For little ones explore different animal through books, toys or figurines.
  17. Add something to or switch out the books in your reading space that you created in February, (if you don’t have a space, create a cozy reading corner). This can also be a great space to use to calm down!
  18. Go on a picnic!
  19. Explore with flashlights! See what you can find in the dark or do shadow play!
  20. Bake something delicious together!
  21. Talk about hot and cold. Explore the different sensations safely with touch.
  22. Play with puppets! Trying using them to have a conversation, teach a topic, sing a song, or act something out. Kids love them!
  23. Create and go on an outdoor scavenger hunt! Draw pictures of the things you might find outside then go look for them.
  24. Use a ruler to measure things! Talk about things that are bigger or smaller.
  25. Play follow the leader!
  26. Display one of your child’s pieces of art. If you don’t have one saved, create something. Children love seeing their work up on the wall.
  27. Do some box painting with marbles – Squeeze a little paint into a shoe box, drop a few marbles in and let your child move the box to let the marbles move through the paint. Add a different color of paint and repeat. This activity is only suitable for kids 4yrs+.
  28. Read your child’s favorite book but come up with a new ending!
  29. Have a contest – who can build the tallest tower? Or build one together!
  30. Take a walk outside and talk about the new flowers or leaves and their colors.