7 Space-Saving Tips for Styling A Kid’s Small Bedroom

From utilizing wall space to store craft supplies to picking a bed with built-in storage space, these 7 space-saving tips for small bedrooms will make your tot’s room less of a zoo and more of retreat.

kids small room style

Even the largest kid’s bedroom can become chaotic when filled with toys, books, clothes and accessories, but it’s especially stressful when you only have a small space to work with.

To help you make the most of the room you do have, we have seven space-saving tips that will help keep your little one organized, entertained and in-style. They will also help keep you sane.


1. Take advantage of wall space


As fans of the Montessori Method, we love storage solutions that help display what toys or books our kids have to choose from. This display-type solution also helps kids learn to pack away properly when there is a designated space for each item.

If you can’t fit a row of cubby spaces in your room, try getting a wall mounted bookshelf that lets you store books with the covers facing out. We love the Ubabub Booksee Wall Bookshelf Set because its minimalist and sleek design works with any décor.

Ubabub Book Shelf Pinterest

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Another genius idea is the Fabelab Wall Pocket. Made of sturdy organic cotton canvas, this is a fantastic option for storing craft supplies, accessories, jewelery, or tiny toys.



2. Aim for the stars


If you can’t spread out, go up! Some of our favorite brands like Oeuf and ducduc are masters of making furniture for small or urban spaces. By focusing on building up, instead of out, you can still take advantage of storage space, without losing room for you child’s bed!

Oeuf Library Pinterest

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The Oeuf Vertical Mini Library is a versatile piece and offers a nice mix of open shelving and covered cabinets for things that don’t need to be on display.


3. Choose pieces that have hidden storage space


When you’re stuck for space, your tot’s room is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a place to learn and play. Picking furniture that can offer multiple uses is a great hack for making the most of a space. The ducduc austin playtable flips open and is a genius space to store craft supplies, Lego and anything else that floats your little one’s boat. 

Whether they need to reach the sink to brush their teeth or reach a book that’s a bit too high, kids often need a step up around the house. We love the Olli Ella Storie Stool for a lot of reasons. Its lightweight design makes it easy for kids to carry, while its flip up lid can store books, toys, dolls, accessories and more! It can also be used as a seat or bedside table!

Olli Ella Storie Stool

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4. Pack away seasonal wardrobes


Winter coats take up a lot of room, so once the weather is officially warm, try vacuum packing away heavy coats, pants and sweaters. You can also make room for summer time shoes by storing big bulky boots as well.


5. Opt for underbed storage


Wondering where you’re going to store that winter wardrobe? Try under your bed! The ducduc campaign bed comes with built in underbed storage solutions. Some parents like storing extra linen here as well as toys.

DucDuc Campaign Twin Bed with Drawers White, Cinnamon & Old Navy

You can also get shallow storage bins that can slide under a standard size bed.


6. Bunk up


These days, bunk beds are getting pretty awesome. While some just create two or more sleeping spaces, others do even more. The Oeuf Perch Twin Bunk Bed is an extremely versatile piece that can be configured to add an extra sleeping space, an extra play space or simply an extra storage place.

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7. Make the most of your closet space


Since little kids tend to grab the shirt (they just have to wear) from the bottom of the neatly folded pile, opting for hang up space can save you a lot of refolding grief.

Another great idea is using the back of your tot’s closet door for storing shoes, books, bags, or hats.

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