8 Things to Pack in Your Toddler’s Travel Backpack

It’s no secret that toddlers need to be well fed, well rested and entertained, which is why we’re letting you know about eight products you’ll want to pack for your next trip.

Two kids wearing Jem & bea Eco backpacks

Whether you’re boarding a long haul flight, gearing up for a road trip or heading out for a long day at the park, you need to be prepared to help your toddler combat hunger and boredom.

To help you stay strong on your next adventure, we’ve found 8 products to help entertain and sustain your little ones along the way.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • The best backpacks for toddlers
  • Packing list for your toddler’s travel backpack
  • Materials/Ingredients to avoid in kids products

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The best backpacks for toddlers

When shopping for your toddler’s backpack, you need to be mindful that they need something their size!

We know it’s frustrating to have to buy something multiple times, but if you buy a bag that is too large, you’ll end up having to carry it. By finding one that fits them just right, you’ll help encourage their independence, while keeping them comfortable.

Scroll down to see our favorite backpack picks for toddlers.


Jem and Bea Kids Eco Backpack


Jem & Bea Kids Eco Backpack






Jem and Bea Kids Eco Backpack


Jem & Bea Kids Eco Backpack






State Bags Mini Kane Backpack in Color Block Black & Green


STATE Bags Mini Kane – Color Block






STATE Bags toddler mini backpack


STATE Bags The Mini Lorimer



Available in more colors




Light + Nine Stark Backpack in Bolt Blue


Light + Nine Stark Silicone Backpack



Available in more colors




Packing list for your toddler’s travel backpack:

Your packing list may vary slightly depending on the time of year and what you’re doing.

However, these are eight tried and trusted products we’d never leave home without!

  • Water bottle
  • Silicone snack containers
  • Silicone catch-all bib
  • Non-toxic wet wipes
  • Change of clothes
  • Blanket
  • Drawing & sticker activities
  • Screen-free audio storyteller

Scroll down to see our picks for each.


Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is so incredibly important. Make it easy for your tot to do themselves by getting them the no-leak Thinkbaby Sippy of Steel!

Made from stainless steel, it’s free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, BPS, Harmful Phthalates, Lead, Formaldehyde and any known Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. (More on why we avoid these chemicals below!)

Thinkbaby Sippy of steel


Thinkbaby Sippy of Steel






Silicone Snack Containers


Zip Top Baby Snack Container Set Lifestyle Image


Our quest for silicone snack containers has been long and arduous, but thanks to Zip Top, we can finally rejoice!

Incredibly innovative, their silicone snack containers seal at the top, which means snacks-on-the-go just got a whole lot less messy and whole lot more safer.

One of the issues with plastic containers is that when heated (like sitting in a backpack that’s in the sun), they can potentially leach harmful chemicals like bisphenols into your food.

Zip Top Baby Snack Container Set

Zip Top Snack Container Set of 4






Silicone catch-all bib


With food comes mess, but it’s alllll good thanks to this super easy-to-clean catch-all bib from Mushie! Available in two colors and designed with an adjustable neck, your toddler’s clothes will escape the wrath of the dreaded dribble!


Mushie Silicone Bib Silver Sage


Mushie Silicone Bib



Available in more colors




Wet Wipes


Of course you need wet wipes! But not so fast: many mainstream options contain harmful chemicals like synthetic fragrance, alcohol and chlorine.

Since toddlers have particularly delicate skin and endocrine systems, it’s best to opt for a non-toxic option like Coterie.

Free of fragrance, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, dye and alcohol, each wipe is 20% larger than the average baby wipe for broader coverage and higher absorbency.


Coterie Baby 8-Pack Wipes

Coterie 8-Pack Wipes (56 in each)






Change of clothes


Hart + Land Bamboo is here! Shop now.


Okay, so it might not be food that warrants a change…but that doesn’t mean your safe from bathroom accidents, unidentifiable liquids, and impromptu play sessions in park fountains.

That’s why it’s wise to always pack a change of clothes. We also suggest packing a jacket because if you’re popping in and out of stores, restaurants and/or airplanes, you never know when your toddler will suddenly be cold!

When choosing clothes for toddlers, we like breathable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton. We also like opting for easy to mix and match pieces. Scroll down to see our must haves.


hart + land long sleeve bamboo rocket tee

HART + LAND Baby/Toddler/Big Kid Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Tee – Rockets







hart + land bamboo rainbow long sleeve crew tee


HART + LAND Baby/Toddler/Big Kid Bamboo Long Sleeve Crew Tee – Rainbows







Hart + Land Bamboo Legging


HART + LAND Baby/Toddler/Big Kid Bamboo Simple Stripe Legging







Levi's Personalized Denim Jacket w/ light colored alphabet


Levi’s Personalized Denim Jacket









Help your tot snuggle up for sleep with this super soft organic cotton blanket from HART + LAND.

Free from harmful chemicals like pesticides, it’s just what you need to keep warm and cozy.


HART + LAND Organic Cotton Heather Grey Solid Baby Blanket


HART + LAND Organic Cotton Blanket







Coloring & Sticker Activity


This adorable all-in-one coloring and sticker activity pack is an absolute toddler backpack essential! Packed with a large coloring roll, stickers, crayons, cards and two toy trains, your tot will have plenty to do in the sky, on the road or out to lunch!


Olli Ella Play N Pack Forest AW19


Olli Ella Play’N Pack – Forest






Screen-free audio storyteller


When kids stare at blue lights from screens, their bodies aren’t able to produce melatonin (the hormone that signals sleep!) as easily. We promise that when you’re traveling with kids, you want to do everything in your power to promote sleep.

Don’t fret: we’ve found the perfect screen-free toy! Lunii’s My Fabulous Storyteller lets kids choose the hero, setting, second character and object of their story and then voile: story time! And yes, there’s a headphone jack!


Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller



Includes headphone jack




Materials/Ingredients to avoid in kids products

When shopping for any type of kids product (shoes, strollers, toys, drink bottles…) selling points like ‘water-resistant fabrics’ and ‘lightweight plastic’ may sound dreamy, but the reality could be much darker. It could mean that they’re sprayed with a PFAS chemical and potentially harboring BPA, BPS or harmful phthalates.

At The Tot, we never recommend anything we wouldn’t use with our own family. That’s why we created The Tot Safety Test. Every singly product we have on the site has been reviewed by our Green Living Expert. This means we’ve reviewed third-party testing and certifications.

Here are the main ingredients/materials to watch out for in kids products:

  • PVC

  • BPA + BPS

  • Harmful phthalates

  • PFAS chemicals

  • Lead and other heavy metals

  • Flame retardants

  • VOCS

  • Toxic dyes + inks

You can learn more about the ingredients we avoid and WHY by clicking here.


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