Wit Design

A young girl resting her chin on a Wit Design chair
Founded by architect Katharine Huber, Wit Design was built upon the idea that good design is not just about making aesthetically pleasing pieces, but about fulfilling a genuine human need. After becoming a mother, Katharine noticed the creative way her kids interacted with their household furniture. Inspired by this, she began building the first protypes of Wit Design with her own children as the testers! She learned that kids' furniture should be strong enough for spirited play, yet light enough for them to pick up and rearrange however they choose. All of the brand's furniture is produced in Jamestown, NY and manufactured using eco-friendly practices and materials. Made from FSC certified wood with Greenguard certified non-toxic finishes, each durable piece is meant to last for years, to be used by multiple children, and not end up in a landfill.
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Wit Design The Chair Set
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Wit Design The Sitting Stool Set
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Wit Design The Chair
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