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When TruKid founder Jennifer Adams Bunkers - a mother of six - found two of her children using her wrinkle cream one day, she quickly realized that a concoction used to zap crow’s feet probably wasn’t suitable for young skin. She began researching the children’s skincare products that were currently on the market, but found that most were either unhealthy and full of nasty chemicals, or smelled “yucky,” according to her kids. Bunkers decided to take matters into her own hands, and created TruKid, a line of healthy, kid-friendly skincare products using natural ingredients and essential oils that kids could apply themselves whenever possible. As the experts in kid's skincare, TruKid products are developed by a doctor and tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. The company has an extensive range of eczema care products (as well as more general skincare products) that provide naturally soothing comfort and relief for dry, irritated skin, rashes, and other eczema symptoms. Unscented, fragrance free and naturally steroid-free, TruKid products are perfect for the most sensitive child's skin!