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Toki Mats

Created by mama of two, Eli Yonas in 2017, Toki Mats creates modern, safe and stylish playmats for babies and toddlers. Inspired after the birth of her second child, Eli designed a soft, safe and comfortable wonder mat after realizing that in the abyss of baby accoutrement she'd acquired with her first child, she still didn't have a space to lay her baby down to play, learn and rest. Today, Toki Mats provide a large, cushioned space for babies to love tummy time and safely perform milestone exercises like rolling, sitting and standing. Eli devised the padding from latex foam, which is naturally antibacterial, self-ventilating and non-allergenic. The covers are available in natural cotton or in waterproof versions made of bamboo jersey, and in addition to the classic mats, Eli also offers an organic latex line.