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TANE Organics

TANE, which means 'seed' in Japanese, is a babywear brand founded by Sheree Lee that was inspired by the iconic kimono shape and Sheree's love of organic cotton. With a belief that only the finest luxurious fibers, such as 100% certified organic cotton, should be used, TANE Organic's naturally hypo-allergenic collections are made with materials that are free from pesticides, formaldehyde and other chemicals that can often irritate delicate newborn skin. They also opt for GOTS certified low impact dyes, which means they're free of AZO dioxide and healthier for both people and the planet. Passionate about maintaining ethical production methods and collaborating with artisans in creative exchanges, the team behind TANE Organics take great care to ensure that their artisans are supported by fair trade practices that echo their commitment to the planet and its people.