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In 2011, Marcel Botha and Trevor Hardy - who met as students at MIT - started brainstorming ways to change how babies transition to solid food. What they came up with was a design that would truly change the way babies eat - a spoon specifically engineered to improve the feeding experience for infants and their caretakers as they move from liquids to solids. What Marcel and Trevor both noticed was that most baby spoons on the market were simply miniature versions of adult spoons - and therefore, too wide and deep for smaller infant mouths. This meant that babies found it hard to get to the food at the back of the spoon, and this in turn meant one thing: mess! Using a simple yet game-changing design, and Medical Grade Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) for the manufacturing of the Spuni outer layer (the same material used for pacifiers and baby bottle nipples), the Spuni is an innovative way to help your baby make the move to solid food. All of Spuni’s materials are non-toxic and have been laboratory certified to be phthalate, BPA, BPS and PVC free.