Snuggle Me Organic

When Mia Carr gave birth to twin boys in 2007 - and also had a two-year-old at home - she experienced first-hand the struggle to be all things, to all people. She was at her wit’s end when she told her mother-in-law, Laurie Carr, that all she needed was an extra pair of hands. Suddenly, an idea formed - what if Mia and Laurie could make a cushion that would snuggle one baby, while you were diapering or feeding the other? Eventually, Mia hit on a design she loved, and took them to a local craft fair where she sold her entire inventory in a single day. Masterfully engineered to the highest safety standards, the Snuggle Me creates a reassuring boundary around babies, allowing them to feel secure and loved even after you have laid them down.
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