Sahara Rose

Woman in white dress standing amongst cactuses holding Sahara Rose product
Sahara Rose was founded by new mom, Ikram Elharti when she saw how easy it was to abandon her own self-care regime due to her sudden busier lifestyle. She was inspired to help other mothers achieve the same goal while gifting them with glowing and healthy skin. Named after the resilient desert flower that blooms in even the harshest of climates, Sahara Rose products will let your skin flourish and maintain its radiance in any environment. From concept through production, sustainable and cruelty-free standards are strictly adhered to because Sahara Rose believes that being kind to your skin and being kind to the earth are of equal importance. Using a unique combination of precious and powerful ingredients such as ruby crystals, desert rose petals, chamomile, and calendula, your skincare routine will be instantly transformed into a nourishing daily self-care ritual. 
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