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RA Optics x The Tot

After years of headaches, poor sleep, allergies, and gut issues that weren’t resolved by healthy eating, exercise, and Western medicine, RA Optics founder Matt Maruca began researching the relationship between blue light and our sleep/wake cycles. When we are exposed to man-made light throughout the day and night from our electronics, our brains stop effectively secreting the sleep-producing hormone, melatonin. This leaves us tossing and turning all night, and directly affects our overall health. Matt was feeling better than ever after using blue light blocking goggles, and he felt inspired to help others achieve the same results. And just like that, RA Optics was born! The brand produces a range of stylish blue light blocking glasses with both day and night time lenses, designed to perfectly fit any face, from toddlers to adults. Unlike mainstream blue blockers that block less than 3% of the most damaging spike of light, RA Optics Ultimate Daytime Lenses block 100% of the most damaging spike of Blue Light emitted by LED lights and screens, and the Nighttime Lenses offer even more protection, while still allowing you to easily see indoors. Keeping us healthy and thriving in our busy, modern, technology-filled world is at the core of RA Optic’s philosophy, and looking effortlessly stylish while doing so is a fabulous added bonus!