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Pleni Naturals

The word "pleni" means "full" in Latin, and each Pleni Naturals product is packed full of organic fruits and vegetables! Founder Allyson, a former aesthetician and skincare educator with 18 years experience, believes that what we put both into and on to our bodies go hand in hand. She knows how important it is to give our littlest family members frequent exposure to the vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that organic fruits and veggies have to offer. One of the first brands on the market to be MADE SAFE® certified, every product is free of harmful toxins, known carcinogens, pesticides, and endocrine disruptors. Donating a portion of their annual proceeds to Life Lab, Pleni Naturals is passionate about providing effective skincare products that will truly do our bodies good, and changing the way that kids think about healthy eating.