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With roots dating back to 1991, OsoCozy® Cloth Diapers are designed to be eco-friendly, easy to use, economical, comfortable and durable. All of their diapers are made of sustainable and renewable 100% organic cotton as opposed to the synthetic oil based fibers found in many products. A study showed that disposable diapers can cost between $1,800 and $2,700 per child per year. Cloth diapering costs between $300 and $1,200. Based on the aforementioned figures you are likely to save between $600 and $2,400 by home laundering quality cloth diapers. Your savings are multiplied if you have additional children as many of your cloth diapers will not wear out with your first child. Remember, if your diaper isn’t cloth, it’s garbage. There are many hidden costs of garbage such as municipal solid waste taxes and depletion of natural resources.