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Organic Designs

Organic Designs was founded in 2014 by a full-time working mother of two who was passionate about looking after her tots' safety and health even when she wasn't physically with them. Many of her kids' naps were taken at daycare, and she wanted to be sure that they were breathing in fresh air on the space where they rested their heads, instead of lying on something chemically treated and potentially harmful. And just like that, Organic Designs' iconic nap mats were born! Perfect for taking along to school, daycare, sleepovers, and vacations, each mat is handmade with 100% certified organic fabric and batting fill. The brand has since expanded to include a stylish range of organic toddler pillows, pillowcases, and toddler comforters. Each item is handmade in the USA, features adorably fun prints, and is USDA certified organic - guaranteeing that you are providing your little one with something safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.