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Oogaa was created by designer Sam Skolnik when she became a mom. Feeding baby Max one day, Skolnik saw the potential to make mealtimes more fun, for both her and baby Max. She envisioned a world of play: airplane spoons to glide goodies safely in to land; train engines that chuff towards the open wide tunnel; feeding bowls that reveal big smiles as they’re emptied. On her journey to put her ideas into production, Skolnik discovered some unappetizing facts about plastics: they can leach potentially harmful chemicals like toxic bisphenol A (BPA) into a baby’s growing body, and heating plastics (just as you would a food bowl in a microwave) can make them release toxins all the more rapidly. Horrified by what she’d found, she began looking for alternative materials, and finally settled on high-quality silicone – a safe, durable and environmentally responsible material that’s odorless, tasteless, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, sterilizer-safe, heat-resistant, fling-proof and well, perfect for babies and toddlers.