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Nipple Nest

In April 2008, Ariane Olshanksy’s first child was born five weeks premature, and was so small and weak, he had trouble latching and therefore, feeding. Working closely with lactation consultants and determined to keep nursing with the use of a nipple shield, Olshansky quickly became exhausted and kept losing the shield. Suddenly, she had an idea for a storage case that would not only keep the shield safe and dry, but also clean, and the NippleNest™ by BabyMama™ was born. With a patented drying rack featuring ribs to elevate the shield off the floor of the case and tiny holes to allow it to dry, the NippleNest is a hygienic and safe alternative to other nipple shields on the market. 100 per cent recyclable and dishwasher-safe, NippleNest is proudly made in the USA.