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Natural Earth Paint

Founded by Leah Fanning Mebane in 2011, Natural Earth Paint is an extension of Leah’s own mission to eliminate all toxins from her studio, which began in 2009. As a professional visual artist and mom, Leah began making natural paints immediately after becoming pregnant with her first son, Django. A few years later, Natural Earth Paints was born with two products: the Children’s Earth Paint Kit and the Earth Oil Paint Kit. From the start, Leah believed in creating eco-friendly, completely non-toxic art supplies using high-quality ingredients. Natural Earth Paint has received gold certification from Green America - the highest rank for a green business, and uses post-consumer recycled packaging, biodegradable plastic bags and recyclable glass bottles. The team at Natural Earth are committed to giving back to the planet, by supporting National Plant a Tree Day, and charities like the Million Choices Project, which encourages underprivileged kids to become creative and develop art skills in developing countries.