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When Monica Leonard’s daughter, Molly, was stillborn in 2005, she decided she had to know everything she could about the tragedy that took her daughter. Shockingly, she discovered that in the United States alone, 80,000 chemicals were approved for use by the TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) - yet only 200 of these chemicals had been tested for human safety. Discovering that these chemicals may have passed to Molly in-utero, without Monica’s knowledge, she knew immediately that she had a responsibility to teach others about these potential toxins, and to make a difference. Monica decided to focus on laundry detergent, which often contains ionic surfactants (known to change the sex of fish) and nonylphenol ethoxylates (which have been banned in Canada and Europe as they imitate the hormone estrogen in our bodies, which in turn effects our health and fetal development). These chemicals are found in our drinking water because they are not completely biodegradable. Molly’s Suds was born, and today, the company uses the purest of ingredients to formulate products without carcinogens or known human toxins to ensure that they can be used by even the smallest member of the family.