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Founded by Olivia Askaroff, Moba is a company with a single mission: to give babies a better and healthier nights’ sleep. After graduating in 2012, the designer launched Moba with her family, utilizing their three generations of experience manufacturing and distributing traditional Moses baskets across the world. From there, Askaroff began to reimagine what the Moses basket should be, and the first Moba basket was born. Seeking professional advice from the charity FSIDS (now known as the Lullaby Trust), leading childcare professionals, midwives and parents, Moba works in tandem with infant health and sleep experts to create safe, healthy products for little ones. Proudly manufactured in Great Britain, Moba uses local suppliers and responsibly sourced materials to maintain a low carbon footprint. Each product is made using the highest quality materials and designed to be extra durable so they can used again and again. Moba is proud to be a partner of the Lullaby Trust, the UK’s leading charity for the research and prevention of SIDS.