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Founded as Zebi Baby in 2006, Milkbarn is the brainchild of Stacy Phillips, who began sewing bibs for her son when he was just seven months old. From her kitchen table, Phillips created a brand that now distributes to over 1000 retailers. Using organic, sustainable and durable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo blends, Milkbarn’s classic yet modern designs are beloved by parents and tots everywhere. A true family endeavor, Phillips’ daughter Haley, who is studying aerospace engineering at UC Davis, has contributed to Milkbarn’s unique, playful designs. Milkbarn is committed to serving children everywhere, and to that end is a proud and vocal supporter of Exile International, an organization bringing restoration to rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war in the Congo and Uganda. Through art therapy and holistic, rehabilitative care, Exile International empowers former child soldiers and orphans to heal and become leaders of peace.