Matana Organics

Matana Organics founder Gabriela Babila reading a book to her daughter
Determined to embrace the healthiest lifestyle she could while pregnant with her first child, Matana Organics' founder, Gabriela Babila, became acutely aware of the harmful products she was putting on to her skin each day. At 7 months pregnant, she drew inspiration from her own mama's made-from-scratch, holistic approach to skincare, and Matana Organics was born. Plant-based, nature-inspired, and designed with postpartum healing in mind, Matana Organic is made for mamas who want to embrace a more organic lifestyle. The word "Matana' is of Hebrew-origin and means "gift". Matana Organics' gift to you is providing your family with clean, simple, safe, and effective organic products that you can feel good about.
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