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A young woman applying a LOLI Beautify product and smiling
After leaving the corporate beauty world in 2004 with idiopathic allergies and adrenal fatigue, LOLI Beauty's founder, Tina Hedges, was inspired by the idea that the beauty industry seemed to have lost its connection to what really nourishes us (food!) and put in its place a concoction of 95% water, potentially harmful preservatives, and synthetics. LOLI Beauty, which stands for "Living Organic Loving Ingredients", uses only potent and pure food-grade ingredients that are minimally processed, never diluted, fair-trade, organic, and ethical. Along with using wild-harvested and locally-sourced ingredients, LOLI Beauty has a Zero Waste Beauty™ policy, and reduces their carbon footprint by using compostable bags, reusable glass jars, and upcycling from food. Truly determined to help humankind, LOLI Beauty is proudly the only beauty company to be a part of Made in a Free World, which is committed to stopping human trafficking.
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