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Lil Pyar

Lil Pyar is a sumptuous range of babies and kids’ décor and more. Pyar translates to “love” in Hindi, so it’s an apt name for the company, which was founded after owner Paula Queen visited India for the first time to celebrate her marriage to her new husband, Sumit. Inspired by the luxurious fabric and intricate beading of her own wedding sari, and by the vivid colors, embellishments and intricate patterns of the saris she saw all around her in India, Queen knew she had to find a way to translate everything she loved about these pieces and bring it back to the American market. With Lil Pyar, Queen wanted a range of products that were high-quality, durable, and of course, beautiful. Made of 100 per cent cotton, you can be sure that Lil Pyar has your child’s - and your - best interests at heart.