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Kate McLeod

Founder Kate McLeod began her brand's story with a simple question, "What are you putting on your skin?" With a vision of creating beautiful skincare products that are natural, ecofriendly, and promote self care, Kate set to work. As a former bakery owner and pastry chef, she began working in her own kitchen with her favorite simple & pure ingredients like avocado oil and apricot kernel oil. Over the next two years, she learned that cocoa butter is an incredible natural preservative and that moisturizers don't need added preservatives, synthetics, or other chemicals. Today, Kate McLeod proudly boasts a five-ingredient, full-body moisturizer in the shape of a stone that fits and melts in the palm of your hand. Made with 100% plant-based products, and packaged in sustainably farmed re-usable bamboo canisters, Kate McLeod is where beautifully self made products meet self care.