When Terese Hoffeldt gave birth to her daughter, Augusta, she’d only lost her own beloved mother ten days prior. She knew, that while things would never be the same again, that she was being given a chance to rewrite her own story - and so, Hevea was born. Named after the Latin name for the natural rubber tree, Hevea produces sustainable, non-toxic baby products, such as pacifiers, teething accessories and feeding implements made solely from hevea rubber. Using natural rubber - and not synthetic rubber, made from oil - is a far more sustainable practice as it’s biodegradable and reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed. The company doesn’t just make products that are good for babies, it makes products that are good for the planet, too. All packaging comes from responsibly managed forests, which helps preventing deforestation and degradation, and the company’s accessories are made from pure organic GOTS certified cotton. Fusing the beauty and simplicity of Danish design with the efficacy and sustainability of natural rubber, Hevea has become a market leader, and it’s easy to see why.
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