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Mittens are one of those things you just don’t think about as a new mom. And yet, as any parent can tell you, little babies scratch their faces almost constantly. So when high school friends Lili Yeo and Linsey Ebuen had children and discovered that their babies needed mittens (and then, socks) that would stay on, they decided to take things - pardon the pun - into their own hands. Today, Goumikids is a line of beautiful baby essentials - mittens, booties, hats, and pyjamas - with a commitment to giving back, via Goumigiving, a focused effort to help victims of human trafficking. Since the brand’s first collection, ten per cent of proceeds have been donated to Goumigiving. Five years later, Goumi now designs its own prints, one of which is a dedicated Goumigiving print. 100 per cent of the proceeds from these prints are given to Goumigiving.