Design Dua

Infant sitting in a Design Dua basket on top of a dresser
Design Dua was founded by Coretta Owusu, a lawyer, human rights advocate, and entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience as a business professional in the USA and West Africa. The brand's design studio is located in Ghana, and each product is handwoven and hand-dyed from elephant grass, sissal grass, wicker, or paper rope by highly skilled local artisans. The Design Dua team interacts directly with the artisans and insures that customers receive an heirloom-quality final product, and that the weavers are paid a fair wage for these extremely time-consuming, handmade products. With a passion for empowerment, education, and awareness, Design Dua's aim is to display the beauty of West Africa while giving locals the opportunity to truly benefit from the items that they create.
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