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By definition, coterie means a small group of people with shared interests or tastes. For this diaper brand - it means family. Coterie was founded to bring quality and innovation back to baby care, starting with diapers. Free of harmful ingredients like chlorine, fragrance, latex, dyes, alcohol, heavy metals, phthalates, parabens and optical brighteners, they're the hypoallergenic diaper you've been looking for. With sustainability being a core value, they've partnered with NativeEnergy to fund renewable energy initiatives. When you buy Coterie diapers, you'll help offset the environmental impact of not only your baby's diapers, but another baby's too. Because many families in poverty lack the essential necessities for their babies, like diapers, they've also partnered with the non-profit Baby2Baby to donate your unused, returned diapers to those in need so no diaper goes to waste.